The most cost-effective and wonderful way to alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with having wisdom teeth is to have them extracted with Piccadilly Dental. Our fully qualified and experienced dentists will supervise and carry out the most precise and comfortable wisdom teeth extraction London possible using the methods and supplies we use.

Most people have four wisdom teeth that erupt in each corner of their jaws. Wisdom teeth are typically the last molars to erupt on either side of the jaws at the back of the jawline. Some people may not have these at all; however, they typically do appear between the ages of 14 and 30, and for those whose jaws are too small, they can cause issues.

The majority of people discover that they can only accommodate 28 teeth, and if all of the remaining teeth are healthy and present, having wisdom teeth extracted in London won't have an impact on how well they function.


Although everyone's motivations are unique, wisdom teeth extractions are typically necessary to treat an existing condition or avoid more problems down the road. The following issues may arise and call for the extraction of wisdom teeth in London:

  • Your gum line may have trouble properly rupturing wisdom teeth because your jaw isn't big enough to fit them when they erupt.
  • Wisdom teeth may impinge on neighbouring teeth if they are unable to erupt normally, which will make cleaning them more challenging. This could result in additional problems like interdental decay.
  • An awkward angle, such as the top tooth facing forward, backward, or to either side, can result in the eruption of one or more wisdom teeth. Cleaning may become considerably more challenging as a result, particularly if food particles or bacteria become lodged in the gum line and cause pericoronitis, a localised infection of the tissues surrounding the wisdom teeth.


Your dentist at Piccadilly Dental will numb the area where the tooth or teeth will be removed with a local anaesthetic before beginning the wisdom teeth extraction procedure. Additionally, sedation may be used if the patient is anxious or if a challenging extraction is anticipated. A general dentist will charge £350 for the extraction of wisdom teeth in London, while our oral surgeon will charge £495 for the procedure. For more information on tooth extraction, read this article. Costs are determined by the complexity, amount of time, and level of expertise required. During your consultation, you will receive a personalised treatment plan.

Following wisdom teeth extraction in London, the following side effects are possible:

Swelling (inflammation) around the mouth and cheeks, which peaks in the first few days following the procedure. This will get better over time, and to help reduce swelling, we advise applying a cold compress to your face and taking anti-inflammatory medicine as directed by your dentist.

Depending on how difficult the extraction was, there might be an aftertaste and different levels of pain following the removal of your wisdom teeth in London.

Sutures that we might use to seal the socket following the extraction of the London wisdom teeth. This will stay in the mouth until your dentist removes it (if silk sutures are used) or until they dissolve (if they are resorbable).

Depending on how close the lower wisdom tooth is to the teeth's roots, there is a chance that, in less than 10% of cases, the extraction may cause damage to the inferior alveolar nerve. A high-quality radiograph can be used to estimate this and determine the risk. The lower lip, chin, or tongue may experience tingling or numbness as a result, which may be transient or, in extremely rare circumstances, permanent.

There is a slight chance that the upper wisdom teeth could cause an oro-antral communication to open into the maxillary sinus. This relies on how closely the tooth roots connect to the sinus floor, just like with the lower wisdom teeth. If it is small enough, it usually heals on its own, though occasionally stitches may be needed to close it.


  • Use analgesics like Ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve any pain.
  • Refrain from spitting, washing, or consuming any hot beverages.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • After having your wisdom teeth removed, make sure you only eat soft or liquid-formed food for a few days.
  • Chewing with your other teeth will help you avoid any discomfort.


We will go over the wisdom teeth removal cost with you during your consultation, taking into account your needs and the total number of teeth that need to be extracted. Our starting prices are as follows:

Wisdom teeth: from £495 with our oral surgeon, and from £350 with a dentist

After surgery, most people experience little to no pain. For about three days, you may experience some swelling and mild discomfort. It might take several weeks for your mouth to heal fully.

Following the extraction of your wisdom tooth, you should refrain from:

  • Swishing liquid around your mouth
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol
  • Consuming hot liquids, like soup or tea
  • Tiring exercise

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