Step 1

The purpose of the first appointment is to take records so that our specialised teamcan create your smile.

Step 2

During the second appointment, your teeth will be cleaned and a plastic veneer will be applied to your new smile.

Step 3

The temporary review appointment is the third appointment. Here, your doctor will go over how to make your new smile look and feel perfect.

Step 4

Your new porcelain veneers will be delivered to you at the fourth appointment.

Step 5

During your fifth appointment, which is the final review, you will receive your guarantee, your picture, and instructions on how to take care of your gorgeous new smile.

Porcelain veneers are a strong and long-lasting way to improve your smile. They usually last for around 15 years before needing to be replaced in order to keep your smile looking its best.


Our dental clinic specialises in classic porcelain veneers, providing a brighter, more appealing smile while maintaining the integrity of your natural tooth structure. With veneers that enhance the natural appearance of your teeth, our knowledgeable and talented dentists can create an ideal smile that exudes confidence.

Your initial consultation is the first step towards a better smile. Whether you need a single visit for a minor cosmetic issue or frequent visits, our welcoming staff is dedicated to comprehending your cosmetic needs and offering the best solution. Come in for a consultation, and we will create a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Our ability to provide a broad range of cosmetic dentistry procedures is something we take great pride in. Our approach, which includes orthodontic treatment and dental porcelain veneers, is centred on maintaining healthy teeth and enhancing them with cosmetically pleasing tooth-colored materials. Because our talented veneer dentists are skilled in smile design, every treatment plan they create will produce a smile that looks natural.

Our Piccadilly Dental office provides the best solution for each distinct need, whether it is chipped teeth, discoloured teeth, or broken teeth. We use methods such as cast models and 3D preview models to make sure your veneers match the rest of your tooth and fit flawlessly. Our cosmetic dentistry procedure aims to maintain the long-term health and radiance of your smile in addition to improving the appearance of your teeth.


In addition to porcelain veneers, our clinic offers premium composite bonding solutions, which are a well-liked option for fixing a variety of dental problems. A creative method for treating issues like misaligned teeth, spaces between teeth, and uneven teeth is composite bonding. Using this technique, composite resin is expertly applied and moulded straight onto tooth surfaces, resulting in a seamless blend with your natural tooth colour.

Beyond just cosmetic enhancements, we offer a wide range of dental treatments. We are aware of the profound effects that stained, discoloured, or even broken teeth can have on your self-esteem. Our cosmetic procedures at Piccadilly Dental are made to take care of these problems and restore your teeth's integrity as well as their aesthetic appeal. Whether treating uneven or misaligned teeth, or just improving the structure of the teeth, our cosmetic dentistry expertise guarantees that you will receive the best care available.


Every smile is different, and with it, the difficulties it could encounter. Our approach to cosmetic procedures is very individualised. We provide trial smiles so you can see and tweak your new appearance before it's finalised. This method guarantees that your veneers will fit flawlessly and live up to your expectations. Since our veneers are made of porcelain, smoking will not cause the veneers to become discoloured.

At Piccadilly Dental, patient care is crucial. In addition to the immediate makeover, we also prioritise the upkeep and long-term health of your new smile. We guarantee our treatments' longevity and durability by teaching our patients on appropriate care practices.

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