Private Dental Clinic London Prices

New Exam £80
Routine Exam £70
Emergency £99
X-Ray £25
Small From £180
Medium From £250
Large From £300
45 mins From £95
60 mins From £150
Air Flow From £120
Ceramic From £750
Inlays/ Onlays From £700 – £800
Composite Onlays From £450
Porcelain Veneers From £800
Composite Bonding From £250 per tooth
Re-cementation From £85
Root Canal Re-ROOT CANAL
Anterior From £450 From 650
Premolars From £550 From 750
Molars From £700 From 900
Post From £200
Core Build Up From £200
Wax ups/ Diagnostic Models/ Pictures From £300
Simple Extraction From £180
Surgical From £400
Maryland From £600
Pontic From £600
Mouth Guards/ Sports Guards/ Retainer From £250 per arch
Orthodontics (Clear Braces)
Invisalign® From £1,900
Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening From £399
Whitening Gel per Syringe From £40
In Practice Whitening From £600
Home and In Practice From £800
Flexible From £1,000
CD Acrylic From £1,000
RPD Chrome From £800
CD Chrome From £1,000

Finance Your Treatment

Our financing plan is a popular option for patients considering cosmetic dental treatments. It allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over an agreed period that fits within your budget.

Please see the table below for finance examples with payments spread from 12 to 36 monthly instalments:

Interest Free Finance for 12 months

Treatment Cost Period Months APR Monthly Cost Total Cost
£ 3,000 12 0% £ 250 £ 3,000
£ 3,000 24 9.9% £ 137.72 £ 3,305
£ 3,000 36 9.9% £ 96.07 £ 3,459
Treatment Cost
£ 3,000
Period Months
Monthly Cost
£ 250
Total Cost
£ 3,000
Treatment Cost
£ 3,000
Period Months
Monthly Cost
£ 137.72
Total Cost
£ 3,305
Treatment Cost
£ 3,000
Period Months
Monthly Cost
£ 96.07
Total Cost
£ 3,459

What treatment qualifies for 0% Finance?

For treatments above £600, you will be able to apply for finance. You will also need to be over the age of 18, but not necessarily a current patient at the practice.

Piccadilly Dental Fee Guide Cost London

What is the most I can borrow?

Options are available to typically, borrow between £600 to £20,000 subject to a credit application. This may be filled out at the practice, with a decision provided, in some cases, on the same day.

How do I repay the dental loan?

As with most other credit agreements, your dental treatment will be paid off in affordable monthly instalments collected by Direct Debit.

How much interest will I pay?

Paying off your treatment over 12 months or less, you simply pay for your treatment and nothing else. 0% finance is just that – pay no interest on the loan amount. With no deposit required, your total treatment cost is simply divided over the number of months you wish to pay it off.

For a credit term in excess of 12 months, please see our repayment table above or speak to one of our team in your nearest practice.

How do I apply for a dental loan?

Once you have discussed and agreed treatment with your dentist, we will be able to make the credit application on your behalf. Once approved and processed, you will receive written confirmation from the credit provider. We may then commence treatment.

Can I use finance for more than one dental treatment?

Yes, you may apply for finance for any treatment over £600.