For all of our patients, we provide a special 24-hour/7-day aftercare programme; new patients do not need to register.


The same emergency appointment is used for active treatment. Even for complex surgical wisdom tooth extractions, same-day root canal therapy or extraction services are offered.


For patients who are anxious, there is sedation and the painless Wand injection system available.


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We are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis of any condition using our on-site 3D CT scan.


Our in-house CEREC technology allows us to offer same-day veneers and crowns to you.


It is recommended that patients with any of the conditions listed below seek emergency dental care in order to restore their oral health and comfort. Untreated emergency dental conditions can increase the risk of oral infection and dental trauma, which can have long-term negative health effects and increase in cost with time.

Common dental emergencies that need to be treated right away include:

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Dental trauma can arise from an assault, sports injury, or accident and can cause lost, dislodged, or extruded teeth in addition to chipped or broken teeth. In each of those situations, an emergency dentist appointment is required. Our dentist is available around-the-clock and can treat pain, infections, and discomfort using a variety of methods.

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You must act quickly if your child sustains dental trauma. The best course of action to treat your child's dental problem will be determined with the assistance of the emergency dentist appointment. Promptly attending to dental issues at Piccadilly Dental guarantees childrens optimal oral health and growth of their jaw.

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Trauma or overuse can cause teeth to crack or break. Ignoring dental damage carries the risk of inflaming the gums and roots surrounding the affected tooth, which can lead to additional tooth loss. If the damage is more noticeable, bonding or composite veneers can easily fix a cracked or broken tooth.

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A dental avulsion happens when a tooth is lost through impact. In cases such as these, it is advisable to locate the lost tooth and preserve it for eventual dental reinsertion. Dental structure and function may be restored with the use of an artificial tooth replacement, such as a crown or bridge, if an avulsed tooth cannot be saved.

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Tooth dislodgement, which usually results from trauma or injury, can happen when the tooth gets loose and points inward or outward, or it can happen when the tooth is pushed inside the gum. In order to preserve the tooth and avoid further harm to the nerves inside the bone, immediate dental care is needed when this occurs.

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Tooth dislodgement, which usually results from trauma or injury, can happen when the tooth gets loose and points inward or outward, or it can happen when the tooth is pushed inside the gum. In order to preserve the tooth and avoid further harm to the nerves inside the bone, immediate dental care is needed when this occurs.

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A common reason why young people seek emergency dental care is wisdom tooth pain. To enhance oral health, our oral surgeons can evaluate the wisdom tooth condition and perform wisdom tooth extractions. Before receiving painless care, patients are given a local anaesthetic, and they can choose to receive sedation to feel completely asleep during urgent care.

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Another dental condition that can result in toothache, pain, and sensitivity is reversible pulpitis. Bacteria wear down or damage the tooth's enamel, exposing the pulp and inner dentin, which are home to blood vessels and nerves. Emergency dentists may use white fillings as part of their treatment to minimise pain and infection. Taking good care of reversible pulpitis keeps the tooth safe and prevents the condition from getting worse.


After the reversible pulpitis stage, bacteria colonise the tooth pulp and damage the nerves, resulting in irreversible pulpitis. People frequently require emergency dental care after periods of untreated, milder toothaches because they are experiencing severe dental pain. The pain brought on by irreversible pulpitis is neither lessened nor eliminated by painkillers.

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While dental trauma can occasionally cause a dental abscess, untreated tooth decay is the most common cause. High fever, nausea, and facial swelling on the side of the infected tooth are some of the symptoms. Scheduling an emergency dentist appointment can aid in initiating appropriate treatment and avert additional harm to the gums and teeth.

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Patients can replace a lost tooth with crowns, bridges, or partial dentures if extraction of the tooth and its roots is necessary. On the other hand, most people choose dental implants, which act as artificial solid tooth roots that are anchored to the surrounding bone structure. Bone grafting can be used to strengthen weak jaw bone structure so that dental implants can be placed there.

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Emergency dentists treat teeth by performing root canal therapy to get rid of bacteria and infections. The degree of the damage does affect tooth preservation, though. Following the completion of root canal therapy, reinfection is a possibility. In this case, repeat root canal therapy is given as emergency dental care to relieve pain and eradicate infection. Not everyone is a good candidate for root canal therapy.

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When dental cysts encircle a tooth, they are extremely painful. For those who suffer from recurrent cysts, extraction of the tooth may be the best option. Even though dentists work hard to preserve natural teeth, some patients would rather have the tooth extracted to avoid future discomfort.


When biting into hard foods, front incisor teeth can break, and chewing too much can break posterior molar teeth. Emergency dentists use an overlay, crown, or cap made of ceramic, metal, gold, or zirconium to restore teeth that have broken or cracked and permit normal eating. Options for emergency dental care are presented to patients.

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Teeth restorations are susceptible to damage, just like natural teeth are. Dental implants, veneers, bridges, crowns, fillings, and dentures are a few of these. In order to help patients maintain good oral health, our clinic offers both emergency and non-emergency dental restoration, repair, or replacement.

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High levels of discomfort can result from a broken or missing crown or cap. Piccadilly Dental is pleased to offer same-day crown and cap services to our patients by utilising CEREC 3D printing technology.

Emergency dentistry is a round-the-clock dental care service for patients in need of immediate attention. Emergency dentists with experience are available to treat dental health issues, minimise discomfort, and stop infections. For oral trauma, receiving emergency dental care is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the tooth structure and delaying the development of infection and other health issues.


By calling our clinic to schedule an emergency appointment, people and families—whether or not they are currently patients—can take advantage of our 24-hour emergency dental service. Individuals will receive urgent care before their condition worsens if this is done as soon as an emergency arises.

Upon an individual's emergency dental visit, a documented urgent care plan detailing the necessary procedures to restore oral health—along with the associated costs, risks, and benefits—is given. Prior to receiving emergency care, patients must give their consent to treatment.

It's possible that emergency care is preventative and that additional consultations are needed. The severity of the oral health condition determines this. Every diagnostic test, such as CT and X-rays, is kept on file for the patient's future care. When something unexpected happens, people naturally tend to become anxious or stressed. The dental emergency can be handled more skillfully and calmly if you are ready.

Today's emergency dental care is far more thorough, correcting dental function in addition to treating the underlying cause of oral pain and discomfort. For instance, individuals may seek emergency dental care if they experience sudden oral or dental pain. Emergency diagnostic tests may reveal an infection to dental structures, which could be the source of the pain.

To treat the infection and pain, a root canal may be part of their emergency dental care. If desired, additional appointments may then be scheduled for a later time to provide dental implants or tooth restorations.

The goals of all dentists, including emergency dentists, are to treat oral discomfort, minimise the need for tooth extractions, preserve existing tooth structure, and quickly restore oral health. Thus, a variety of dental treatment options are included in emergency dental care.

Piccadilly Dental Broken or loose teeth In London


Orthodontic devices need to be repaired when they break. We offer emergency denture repair and adjustment, braces repair and adjustment, and dental restoration re-bonding for broken or loose teeth at our clinic.

For the brace device to be restored and continue to be treated, emergency dental care is necessary for broken orthodontic devices. Oral injury and infection can result from attempting self-repair or from wearing an orthodontic appliance that is damaged. Our emergency dental services offer professional orthodontic device repair.

Our goal is to repair, maintain, and replace any broken wire, metal, ceramic, or plastic appliance parts in brace systems. Patients can choose between Invisalign, Clearstep, Inman Aligner, Damon, and Lingual braces as their braces treatment options.

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